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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Change in Artist schedule at Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science - Calgary

On Friday, November 30, 2007 I will be at the Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science - Calgary from 5-9 pm during the members only Christmas party. If you are going to be at the party, please stop by the Artist Space. Cheers! Geoff

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'll be at CKM Nov 26, 27, 30 and Dec 1 & 2

Doodle by Kierra, March 2007

Fighting Potatoes by Geoff Sandhurst, 2007

I have had such inspiration from my children. They love to challenge me to take their doodles and turn them into a coloured pencil drawing. They try to doodle something difficult to try to stump me. I have examples of these drawings and doodles at the Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science artist space. Come on down and see if you can match the doodle to the drawing it inspired!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Schedule for this week at the Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science, Calgary

I'll be in the Artist Space this week for 4 hours each day on Nov 19, 20, 22,23,24 2007. The collaborative sculpture is about 40 % completed now with help from visitors to the CKM. Here are some answers to frequent questions I have:

1. How many pieces are there to texture for the CKM collaborative sculpture?
There are 200 pieces to texture to make 100 butterflies. There are 100 pieces to texture to make leaves. There is approximately 60% left to texture.

2. What kind of leaves?
The leaves are based on trees that grow in Alberta - oak, ash, maple, and poplar

3. What kind of butterfly?
The butterflies are based on Painted Lady butterflies that are found in Alberta.

3. How long did it take to make the hammers?
The 4 texturing hammers used to texture the butterfly wings and leaves took me 40 hours to make.

4. Can I help hammer the textures on the leaves and wings?
If you are over 13 years old and can follow instructions carefully. This particular project is using 16 gauge steel and was created for adults to hammer at the CKM Birthday party fund raising event. The tree stump at the artist space is quite tall. The hammers can be damaged if they are not used properly, so please listen to the demonstration carefully and then you can help create the sculpture. My wife runs the demonstrations and will be there on Saturday.

5. Can a sculpture be designed that children younger than 13 can work on? Yes, a shorter tree stump and thinner gauge metal can be used to create a sculpture. If your organization is interested in commissioning a collaborative sculpture, please contact me to work out the details.

6. What have you been working on at the Artist Space?
I have been grinding the bodies for the butterflies. They are all finished now. Time to start welding them all on to the wings.

That's it's for now. Please stop by and visit me at CKM!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Progress on the Collaborative Sculpture for the CKM

Here are some pictures of the progress to date on the Collaborative Sculpture for the Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science – Calgary . These pieces were textured by guests that the 1st birthday party and then I sanded back and formed them. These formed butterflies and leaves will be welded to the wire mesh frames of the sculpture of the boy and girl looking through a magnifying glass, when all the pieces have been textured.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE DAY 1 Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science – Calgary

Day 1 in The Artist Space at the Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science – Calgary . My wife, Corinne and our children, Caelin and Kierra, helped get everything organized and packed up to take over. Corinne and I set up at the musuem yesterday.
Today our wonderful kids helped us with the finishing touches and then explored the wonderful museum and science centre.
Our artist workshop involved cutting out paper butterflies and leaf rubbings from textured cardboard pieces. These textures were previously hammered onto the cardboard using the same hammers that areused to texture the metal butterflies and leaves for the CKM Birthday sculpture. The children were able to chose to keep the butterflies or leaves or stick them onto a paper replica of the CKM Sculpture. Thank you to the group of kids and parents we worked with for this very first session!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Little Bit of History

In 2005, I completed a commission for a Calgary couple. It was a 11 1/2 ' w x 6 1/2' h wall map of three provinces with 6 symbols. along the bottom a train sat on a train track with trestle bridges. The oil pump jack and the train had moving parts, until I had to weld the moving wheels of the train to the train track. Pictured here are the full map and the 6 of the symbols.

I thought the sculpture would be finished in 6 months, but it took a year. At the time, I was working full time and creating sculpture after work in the evenings and weekends. I appreciated the couple's patience and kindness. Creating this sculpture was pivotal in convincing me that I was ready to sculpt full time. Thank you!


Urban Encounters Tradeshow - Interior Designers of Alberta

Thank you to the Interior Designers of Alberta for the positive feedback at the Urban Encounters Trade Show. It was my first trade show and I appreciated the sharing ideas with the other exhibitors. Metal sculpture makes for a heavy load in and load out! We were the last ones to pack up and go. Thanks again to everyone that took time to stop by our booth and chat with my wife, Corinne, and I.

Alien III Completed

Alien I and III. Photo Credit - Guy Shulan.

Alien I, on the left, is in my personal collection. I sculpted Alien III , on the right, this year as a commission for a one of my clients.

Creative Kids Museum

It's time to load in at the Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science – Calgary . I am looking forward to my time as the Artist in Residence from Nov 11 - Dec 13. Please stop by and visit!

I had a wonderful experience at the 1st Birthday for the Creative Kids Museum at TELUS World of Science – Calgary. We worked on a collaborative sculpture I designed to celebrate the first anniversary. Corinne (my wife) and I brought in 4 tree stumps generously donated by Aerial Tree Services in Calgary. Guests at the party helped me with the creation of the sculpture by texturing leaves and butterfly wings with texturing hammers I made for the evening. I am bringing the sculpture with me for my residency in Nov/Dec to have the last of the pieces textured. Then I will finish up welding the pieces on the sculpture frames dipicting the boy and girl looking through a magnifying glass. Once it is complete, I'll bring the sculpture back to the Creative Kids Museum. I think the sculpture goes on display at the Museum until the next birthday party and then it will be auctioned off at the fundraiser. Thank you to everyone that's helped out so far.