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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Red Tail Hawk Pencil Drawing

Red Tailed Hawk Pencil Drawing

I am working on some preliminary pencil drawings for a Red Tailed Hawk drawing for a client.  The bottom one shown here is not finished yet.  I can draw for hours and hours. I am currently listening to Lee Aaron's "Beautiful Things" cd.  Pink Floyd, Junk House, Brazilian Girls are other favorites.  Drawing in my studio can be lonely, but with good music for company, I don't feel so alone.  Of course, my family is always dropping by to see how I am doing! Sometimes my 7 year old daughter will join me and pull out her pencil crayons and draw on the floor.  I love that!

Above  - Red Tailed Hawk #2 Medium: Pencil- Based on a photo by Guy Shulhan


Ukrainian Artist said...

Very impressive drawing!

R said...

So beautiful. I love that you left lots of white space around the images, I find this really adds to the image since it's so detailed, the space adds that breathing room to enjoy the amazing imagery. Very well done, I'm a fan of your ability with detail.

Geoff Sandhurst said...

Thank you for the generous comments. I appreciate the feedback from both of you.

I am working on another Red Tailed Hawk pencil / Charcoal drawing and will post pictures in the next few days when it's complete.

Thanks again!