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Monday, September 20, 2010

Walrus Tusk Carving

Narwal sculpture - I carved a 9.5 inch replacement tusk for this Narwal. I did not carve the sculpture. 

4.5 inch Walrus Tusks  - I made replacement tusks for this sculpture.  
Roughing out the pieces for two walrus sculpture tusks, narwal sculpture tusk and pencil holder

Narwal Tusk  - testing the fit
Walrus Tusk Pencil Holder

Walrus Tusk before starting.  I laid out two walrus tusks, and the narwal tusk from this.  Not much was left over.
Penciling in lines to create grooves for  Narwal tusk

I recently carved replacement tusks for a jade walrus sculpture and narwal jade sculpture. I also inlaid the ivory eyes in the Narwal and then polished both sculptures.  I made a pencil holder from the remaining material.  

In Canada, walrus tusks can be purchased legally, although the ivory can not be shipped out of Canada.  Interestingly, woolly mammoth ivory can be shipped internationally.

I enjoy the challenge of repairing and restoring sculptures for clients.

Teaching Paper Mache Summer Camp 2010

My daughter, Kierra, testing the paper mache Giraffe design
I had a fabulous experience teaching a paper mache summer camp class at the Calgary Jewish Centre August 2010.    I designed a giraffe for the 5-6 year olds and a fish for the 4 year olds.  My daughter, Kierra, was a great helper, testing the designs.  It was a lot of fun - thank you to the Calgary Jewish Centre for having me out!

Kierra's paper mache fish
Kierra's Paper Mache Giraffe
The Summer Camp paper mache Giraffes made by the 5 and 6 year olds - paint drying
Summer Camp paper mache  - school of fish made by the 4 year olds