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Monday, February 11, 2008

Kierra's (age 5) design - Fish #1, Sculpture by Geoff Sandhurst

This is a sculpture based on a design by my 5 year old daughter, Kierra. Both of my children have been sources of inspiration for sculpture. The first picture is the finished sculpture. The process follows below. I took her coloured drawing and made a transparency out of it. Then I enlarged the image on a wall and traced a larger image of her drawing. This became my template. The pieces for the fish were meticulously forged and welded to match the template. It took 31 hours to complete. I started on this piece at the Creative Kids Museum at the TELUS World of Science, Calgary, when I was the artist in residence in Nov/Dec 07. I worked on it in between working on the Great Horned Owl. While one sculpture cooled, I would work on the other, back and forth. This sculpture would sell for $1500.00, if Kierra was willing to part with it! She is pleased with the final result! Great collaboration Kierra!

Below: left is the Transparency and right is the Template.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Great Horned Owl Sculpture by Geoff Sandhurst, Photos by Guy Shulhan

Guy Shulhan has commissioned this sculpture of a Great Horned Owl. It is still in progress. The talons and the branch that it sits on are not completed yet. Thank you Guy for permission to post these photos.
The owl is just under life size and I have worked on it for 160 hours so far. It will be completed and on display at Alberta Institute of Wildlife's fundraising event in spring 2008.

Bulecher Sculpture by Geoff Sandhurst - Photos by Guy Shulan

Guy Shulan recently took these fabulous pictures of my sculpture, Bulecher. Bulecher is an imaginary creature I made back in 1980's. I am posting the here with his permission. Thank you Guy!