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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Repair Work and Custom Bases for sculpture in Ivory, Jade, Baleen and soapstone

Soapstone Caribou with Metal Antlers I designed and Built 
Although I am an artist and create my own work, I am also passionate about repair work that I complete for clients.  It's an honour  to handle these pieces.  The research is challenging and interesting.

Soapstone caribou before adding antlers

Twisted Seal - after fixing chips  and making custom base
I meticulously repair each piece to the specifications requested by my clients.  I  also custom design bases in a variety of materials, such as plexiglass and metal to enhance the sculptures and give them stability.

Here are some examples of recent sculptures I have had the pleasure to either repair and add bases to or just add bases.

Twisted Seal - Before repair/polish

Whale Shaman after custom base added

Whale Shaman before custom base


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2011 - my book and my Daughter's book

I just sent in my daughter, Kierra's and my sketchbook yesterday.  It was an interesting project to be involved in and hard to believe that we are part of 28000 artists submitting sketchbooks to the Art House Co-oop in Brooklyn New York.

This is our first time being part of the project.   My sketchbook topic was "In Flight" and Kierra's was "Happy Thoughts".   It's open to anyone, and you can find out more about it at:
In Flight - Cover Page Geoff Sandhurst

Self Portrait - In Flight byGeoff Sandhurst

Flying Reo - by Geoff Sandhurst

Up Up and Away by Geoff Sandhurst

Radar by Kierra Sandhurst, Age 8

Hills by Kierra Sandhurst, Age 8
Left - Self Portrait Kierra  and Right - Degus by Kierra

My Piano Teacher by Kierra Sandhurst, Age 8

Cover Page - Happy Thoughts by Kierra Sandhurst Age 8

Rocket Shoe by Geoff Sandhurst

Look Ma, I can Fly by Geoff Sandhurst
Making Snow by Geoff Sandhurst

Poor Loser - By Geoff Sandhurst

Gliding over the Chinook by Geoff Sandhurst

Flying Fish by Geoff Sandhurst

Algie - Pink Floyd's Pig by Geoff Sandhurst

by Geoff Sandhurst

The Hydrate gives Life by Geoff Sandhurst

Flying Iron Fish  by Geoff Sandhurst

Tobogganing By Geoff Sandhurst

What Kids Really See by Geoff Sandhurst
Zebra by Geoff Sandhurst