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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Alpine Skier Sculpture by Geoff Sandhurst

Geoff finished this Alpine Skier and is shipping it out to Vancouver soon.   I look forward to some day getting a proper light box, so we can take better photos.  It took 150 hours.  It is not cast like a bronze.  It's carved steel - done with an angle grinder and a great deal of patience and perseverance.   Some of the finer details like the folds in the skin in his face is done with a separating disk on a Foredom jeweller's drill.  The base is solid maple.  I hope you enjoy!  Corinne

A Winter Visit to the King George Under the Prairie Sky Sculpture and

Geoff and I popped down to see the "Under the Prairie Sky" sculpture at Christmas time.  It was wonderful to see the contrast between the building and the sculpture with the overcast sky. We had some great conversations about all the wonderful memories made working with the students and staff.

It was especially comforting to see "Under the Prairie Sky" there, when we still do not know what happened to the sculptures Geoff worked so hard on for the old Creative Kid Museum at the TELUS World of Science.    It was heart breaking for us to think that they may have ended up in a scrap heap after the auction.  We think the three foot print totems did go at an earlier sale to another children's museum in Canada and hopefully they still exist.  Let us know if you see them!   Geoff and I made up a whole story about all the Alberta animal footprints that interacted on the blue plastic water pipe that made the spinning totems.  If you search this blog for totems, yarn tree and Picasso Tractor, the blog entries and photos should come up.

We wish we had known that Picasso Tractor went up for auction.  As always, Geoff's projects are family projects as his work impacts all our lives in this household.  It's a sad for all of us to not know what happened.  We have great pictures of our kids sitting on the 1950's Massey Harris tractor before Geoff disassembled it  to create the sculpture on the giant gear box he made.

We were at CADA's Artsplan open house tonight and we mentioned the sculpture.  It made me nostalgic for our time at King George School. It was an incredible experience and we so appreciated the students cards, and their amazing artwork created in their own challenge to design a sculpture of what was under the prairie sky.  We have kept the cards, letters and pictures safe.  Thank you for the wonderful memories!

I highly recommend going out to the Open Houses for Artsplan.  Here is the link -

There are great ideas coming out of it and I think its a great opportunity for all artists, all arts organizations and arts supporters of all disciplines to become aware of it and the possibilities and goals that are coming out of it.  Thank you to CADA and the citizens panel for all their work on this.