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Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Paw" Trophy Pictures

Here are some better pictures of the "Tiger Paw" Trophy for David Thompson Middle School in Calgary.

The basic form was steel rods and then filled with steel sheets. The form was shaped by hammering.

The underside was left quite rough and blackened between the toe pads to represent the fur that clumps there.

I left some of the pits in the gleaming paw surface to add a gritty, dangerous feeling to the paw.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Paw" Trophy for David Thompson Middle School Completed

I have been working on the donation to David Thompson Middle School where our son attends grade 6. It's a trophy of a tiger's paw for their film festival. It took just over 20 hours to complete. I learned quite a bit about tiger's paw's while doing my research. Tigers have 5 toes on the front feet and 4 toes on the back. Their claws are retractable. The fifth toe on the front is called a dewclaw. If you are interested to learn more you can try this website:

Here are pictures of the original plastercine maquette, and the final product. Sorry they are quick snapshots and don't show much detail. Our son, Caelin, is holding the trophy in the second picture. The base is being made separately by someone else and will be attached at a later date.