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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Over 1600 rivets and still counting - King George School Creative Collaboration

Geoff is busy working on the King George School Project "Under the Prairie Sky".  He has asked me to post the pictures taken today of the progress on the sculpture.  

To see the earlier progress, please click into the slide show at the right of the blog.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Geoff appreciated all the words of encouragement and amazing cards given to him by the students of King George School at the Fall Fling.   It's just what he needs to help get him through this final stage!  Geoff is looking forward the moment he can show the students the final sculpture.

Thank you for your hospitality at the Fall Fling!  Our children, Caelin and Kierra,  and we had such a fabulous time!  It was an awesome event!  

So ... what is left to do?  Here is a check list:

 - Finish cutting, assemble, drill, drop the rivets through, then tape and set them from the backside

 - Build the Aspen tree trunk from the 4" aluminum support pole

- Add support system on the inside of the sculpture panels

- Attach receiver tube for the bison side support pole

- Plasma cut the back and fit it and weld it on, 

- Cut out the lower panel and bend the round and flat bar and drill and bolt to sculpture.

- Weld the backing panel on, grind and sand the back

- Build custom angle pieces that mate to the tree foliage (1/2" X 2"
 flat bar is then welded to it, the whole bracket is then welded to the tree trunk.

- The mating 1/2" flat bar is welded to the back of the sculpture then holes drilled for bolts.

- The leaves and grass is then oxidized and sanded.

- Overall sanding and grinding.

- Deliver the sculpture to powder coaters.

- Deliver the sculpture to King George School!

All the best,  Corinne

 (The artist's wife :)
Bison and work currently in progress of the fescue grass

Burrowing Owl and some tools

View looking across the sculpture

Sulphur Chrysalis Butterfly

Looking down

1600 rivets set.....

 4 " OD , .25 wall Aluminum Support Poles (24 feet long before Geoff cut it down)

Aluminum Sheet backing plate to support sculpture (Tack welded together  2- 4 x 8 sheets)  Geoff was silly enough to carry them around by himself!  Very heavy!

Aspen Tree


Spirit Face in the tree

Close up of face in negative space of the tree

Red Tailed Hawk

Samples of the aluminum plates textured,  blackened, sanded and clear powder coated.

Burrowing Owl in the Fescue grass

Burrowing Owl, Fescue Grass and current work in progress on grass

Work in progress on the fescue grass

texturing hammers on cardboard and then coloured with pencil crayon

Close up of rivet and texture