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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Salmon Sculpture

I finished this sculpture Salmon wall sculpture a while ago for a client. Here are a few pictures showing the part of the progress and the final sculpture, as well as some detail shots.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Progress on the Totems for the Creative Kids Musem at the TELUS World of Science - Calgary

Update on the TOTEMS for
The Creative Kids Museum at the
TELUS World of Science - Calgary

My name is Geoff Sandhurst, and I am a full time sculptor. I usually work in metal, and I am enjoying working with a new medium – recycled water pipe for the Totems project for the Mindscapes Exhibit at Creative Kids Museum at the TELUS World of Science – Calgary.

The raw material for the Totems is recycled water pipes. They are heavier than they look!

The first Totem ready for delivery – if my son’s army of Bionicles can be defeated! This Totem will have Textures applied to it at CKM before installation.

The grid drawn out as a guideline for the animal tracks on the second totem. I planned the tracks on paper, but I had to keep in mind that the flat paper pattern was telling a story on a totem in the round in spinning sections.

There are many different kinds of animal tracks on each piece of the second totem. I am carving the totems with a variety of carbide burrs on a hand held drill and a foredom drill (like a dremel).

The sections will spin on each other, and when matched up correctly, you will be able to see the path that each animal has taken around the totem.

Thank you to the CKM at the TELUS World of Science – Calgary for the opportunity to work on this fascinating project. I am looking forward to keeping you updated on its progress. You can subscribe to updates on my blog at

Geoff Sandhurst